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Great Commission Missions

This center opened as Grace Feeding Center on April 17, 2006 and started with 30 children. Today at Great Commission Missions Feeding Center Misi an average of 220 are fed. The daily life is very hard for the children of Malawi and they are thankful for the smallest things - a real soccer ball, a Frisbee, a jump rope, blankets. As they learn about God's love, they are excited to know that someone truly loves them. They celebrate that love with singing and dancing.
This center started feeding children the first week of November 2007 and now is accommodating about 180 children. The children are thankful for the food and have a hope for the future because of the love of God. They too love to play with real Frisbees, soccer balls and jump rope. They are thankful that God has touched the hearts of people they don't know who have answered the call to provide food for them.
This center started feeding children the second week of November 2007 and now feeds about 315 children each day. God's love has touched these children with blankets as they sleep on hard, cold floors and food to fill their tummies. The great joy these children display receiving real Frisbees and soccer balls is truly amazing. Their thankfulness and joy is expressed with singing about the love of God who cares for them.